Open Daily from 9-6 pm

?The Patch is now open daily from 9a-6p.
?All products are pre-picked and sales are self-serve (cash or check only please)
Items available include: sugar snap peas, farm fresh eggs, asparagus soup, pickled asparagus, pure honey, & locally produced jam!?

⭐Your next chance to pick-your-own sugar snap peas is Saturday, June 25th from 8-11 am.

?Strawberries are no longer available this season at Bures Berry Patch.

We’re celebrating 20 years in 2022! From fresh picked peas & potatoes to our fall raspberries, pumpkins, and squash with loads of deliciousness in the middle including green beans, sweet corn, & sunflowers. You can find it all at the Patch or at one of our favorite Farmers Markets (Mineral Point Market & Mount Horeb Farmers Market).

Thank you everyone for your outpouring of support! We are truly blessed to have you as great customers. Many of you have asked how you can help.

Here are two ways:

1 – Come out to the patch or visit us at market. We’d love for you to enjoy some of our other crops like delicious sugar snap peas, potatoes and sweet corn. Or come get some of our asparagus soup, and farm fresh eggs to try. We’ll be open for pick your own sugar snap peas on Saturday from 8-11am and again on Wednesday, 5-8 p (crop permitting).

2 – Get our digital strawberry recipes book. It is loaded with great ways to enjoy strawberries, how to make various types of jam, and even includes our top-secret (and ultra delicious) recipe for fresh strawberry lemonade. Proceeds from the recipe book will help us cover the ongoing expenses of caring for the strawberry plants so they can come back strong next year. You can order your copy here –

Thank you all again for caring for us. It is our privilege to bring you the fresh tastes of the season and we’re grateful to be a part of this community!

Hope to see you in the Patch soon!

Farmer Ed & Kathy Bures

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