A Warning & an Update – Open Daily 9-6pm

Did you know that once asparagus stems become pencil thin, it is time to stop picking and let the plant begin to store up energy for next year? We are nearing that time folks, where we come to the end of asparagus season. If you haven’t made it out yet, don’t delay. It’s so good when its fresh!

For the next week or so you can get it 3 ways:
☝️Thursday we’re at the Mount Horeb Farmers Market on Main Street from 3-6:30 pm.
✌️ Saturday morning we’re at the Mineral Point Market in Water Tower Park from 8:30-11.
? Stop on out at the Patch
? The Patch is now open daily from 9a-6p.
? Please call ahead to pre-order if you’re wanting more than 5#s of either asparagus or rhubarb.
⭐ Also available: rhubarb, farm fresh eggs, asparagus soup, pickled asparagus, pure honey, & locally produced jam!?

Curious about Strawberry Season?

It’s coming berry friends! There’s still a few blooms out there in the Patch but what’s better is that we are seeing a lot of berries out there now! Who’s excited? We are! We can’t wait for you to come pick this season! We hope that you not only get great tasting berries but that you also make memories with your kiddos, grandkids, & friends because berries shared are memories cherished. We are still thinking the start of the season will be around June 15th, but??? We’ll continue to keep you updated on the season through email, however for daily updates during the season, follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Remember, conditions can change quickly in the Patch so be sure to check our Facebook, Instagram, Website, or hotline (608-924-1404) before heading out to pick.

Hope to see you in the Patch or at market soon!
Farmer Ed & Farmer Kathy

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