The Patch is Closed Through July 4th

That’s a wrap berry friends! We went out with some much needed rain and lots of happy pickers in rain gear.?☔?

Are you as happy as we are to once again have a freezer full of strawberries and jam ????

Despite not having NEARLY enough rain in May and June, we had a wonderful crop of strawberries, and we are so happy to have shared it with you ??!

Thanks so much for coming out to the Patch and picking ?!

The Patch is now closed through July 4th.

What’s next you ask?
After strawberry season we begin our march through summer’s goodness. We’ll continue picking our sugar snap peas plus, next week we’ll start digging our new baby red potatoes! In mid-July our green beans will become available and then in early August we’ll have super tasty, sweet corn!
Throughout late July and August we’ll harvest our beautiful long-stemmed sunflowers. And then in early September we’ll begin to harvest our fall raspberries which will lead us right into our pumpkin season. Where we’ll have pumpkins, gourds, and squash of all colors, sizes, and flavors! And, where you can once again pick-your-own!


We hope to see you back in the Patch this season. Where you can once again count on Bures Berry Patch to provide you with delicious, healthy, locally grown goodness for you and your family.

Remember, you can also find all our great items at the Mt. Horeb Farmers Market, Thursdays evenings from 3-6:30 and at the Mineral Point Market, Saturdays mornings from 8:30-11am.

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Thanks so much for supporting our farm family! 

Hope to see you in the Patch again soon!???????
Farmer Ed, Farmer Kathy, Strawberry Girl, & Farmer Boy

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