Old Update – June 2022 – Strawberry Season Update

6/17/2022 We are sorry to be posting this update.  Unfortunately, we will not have a crop of strawberries this year.

It’s hard and sad to have to tell you, our favorite people, our customers who support us and make this job so worth it, but it’s true.  While our strawberry plants look great and have lots of berries on them, they are all green and have been for too long now.

Back during our bloom period, we hit 90 degrees and those warm temperatures came up from the south on strong breezes, bringing along with them Thrips (a really tiny bug). Farmer Ed monitors for this bug frequently and at no point were its numbers near the recommended level at which we should spray. So we didn’t, because our philosophy is to minimize the use of chemicals as much as possible.  There were more Thrips out there than we were able to detect though, and they have ruined the crop.

I am sure this news is surprising and hard to hear.  We understand.  We are farmers, and the harvest is always our favorite time of year, not just for the income, but because it brings life to our farm when you come and visit.  Sadly, there will not be a harvest this strawberry season.

We do know some great local farmers that we hope you visit and support to get strawberries:

Carandale Fruit Farm – Oregon WI
Jelli’s Market – Helenville WI
Skelly’s Farm Market – Janesville WI
For more farms in Wisconsin check wiberries.org

We truly thank you for your support all these years, and we hope that you will continue to support us and our other crops this season.  Strawberries are our biggest and most important, but we have many other delicious crops still coming for you to enjoy this year.

From sugar snap peas and potatoes, to sunflowers, green beans and sweet corn, we’ve got a great lineup for the rest of the summer, and we end the year with our fall raspberries, pumpkins, gourds, & squash.  We will be at the Mt. Horeb Farmers Market Thursday evenings, Mineral Point Market Saturday mornings, and at the Dane County Farmers Market on the square as well on Saturday mornings.

First up here at the patch are sugar snap peas. In a few days, we’ll open the Patch for pick-your-own sugar snap peas. Starting Wednesday, June 22nd this healthy snack will be available for pick-your-own. Hours for pick-your-own sugar snap peas will be Wednesdays from 5-8 pm and Saturdays from 8-11 am or until picked out.

Again, we’re truly sorry to disappoint you. We hope that you’ll join us in the Patch or at market this year for one of our other crops.

Farmer Ed & Kathy Bures

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