Rain or Shine It’s Picking Time


Rain ⛈ or Shine ☀️ it’s picking time! ⏰😊🍓That’s right berry friends, unless the weather turns severe or we get inches of rain, the Patch will stay open today Saturday, June 20th from 8 am until 2 pm or pick out. Always check our phone line (608-924-1404), Facebook, or website just before heading out to make sure we’re still picking.
🍓 If you can’t make it today, the season is just beginning and there are many more berries to ripen. Once today’s picking is complete we will let you know our next picking time.

Here are a few reminders about this season:
😞 Sorry NO pre-picked berries this season.
👉 We are pricing by volume this season to limit person to person contact. A quart is $4, a level picked flat is $25, and a heaping flat is $32. Roughly $2.30/lb. You can pick as many of each as you like. We accept cash, check, credit, or debit. And picking containers are provided. Sorry NO containers from home this season.
👉 You do not need to reserve a time slot to pick-your-own just come during picking hours and we’ll find you a row filled with delicious berries.
👉 Please remember to practice social distancing while at the Patch, avoid touching your face, and help yourself to our sanitizer or hand washing stations. For more info on the precautions we can all take while visiting the Patch check out our Precautions During Covid-19 info page on our website.

Stay healthy and safe! Hope to see you in the Patch soon!😊🍓

Farmer Ed & Farmer Kathy

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