Open Daily 9a-6p

1 more week! Sweet Corn will be available at the Patch Thursdays-Sundays beginning August 18th! In the meantime, grab some at our markets Thursday & Saturday ?

However, all this is still available at the Patch and at our markets!

? The Patch is open daily from 9 a – 6 p.
? Cash or check only please.
? Sorry, no pick-your-own available currently at the Patch. Your next chance to pick-your-own is pumpkin season ?

Items now available at the Patch include: fresh picked green beans, newly dug baby red and German butterball potatoes, sunflowers, brown eggs, Frozen Cream of asparagus soup, dilly beans, local honey, and jam.

You can also find our products at the Mount Horeb Farmers Market on Thursday evenings or at the Mineral Point Market Saturday mornings.

Next crop to harvest at the Patch is our scrumptious raspberries, expected early September.


Our produce has traveled far and wide in the past 20 years that we have been farmers and we can’t thank you enough for sharing our products with those close to you. We really do appreciate all of our customers and your love for fresh, ripe and delicious produce!

Hope to see you in the Patch soon,

Farmer Kathy and Farmer Ed

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